Cultural Program

Christine Pahl, founding member and chairwoman of the association „ATELIER AM MARKT”, established two years ago, has composed a cultural program for 2023. The events take place in the „ATELIER AM MARKT”, Marktplatz 19, 4810 Gmunden.

05.02.2023 – 11 am
Matinee on Sunday „Reshuffled”
Christine Pahl and Helga Graf, painters und Siegfried Steinkogler, guitar

16.02.2023 – 7 am
Erich J. Langwiesner, texts from Karl Valentin

Kurt Dollhofer, paintings, and sculpture
Opening on 02.03.2023 – 7 pm

Various exhibitors with handcrafted originals around eggs

02.04.2023 – 11 am
Easter brunch with the jazz ensemble Schablonski

20.04.2023 – 7 pm
„Two soloists – one duo“
Clara Steinkogler, cello and Sarah Muttenthaler, piano. A comparison between compositions from J. Haydn and L. van Beethoven with new pieces from Moldir Slyamova, student at the Anton-Brucker-Privatuniversität, Linz

Exhibition from Inge Kreuzer and Sylvia Feichtinger–Attwenger
Opening on 5.5.2023 – 7 pm
Paintings on x-ray images and photography

15.05. – 11.06.2023
Angela Wechner/paintings

19.05.2023 – 7 pm
„Songs with cello and guitar”
Singer Josipa Bainac with songs from composers of the 20. and 21. century, like Wolfram Wagner, Akos Banlaky and Siegfried Steinkogler. Accompaniment by Siegfried Steinkogler/guitar and Clara Steinkogler/cello

01.07.2023 – 7 pm
„Tango y Canciones” with the Kreusch-Orsan-Duo, tangos from composer from Argentina like Astor Piazzolla and Maximo Diego.
Johannes Tonio Kreusch adds his composition „Siddhartha“ and Doris Orsans her  interpretation of the Bach-Chaconne

06.,07. and 08.07.2023
Heinz Aschenbrenner and Gilbert Kleissner

15.07.2023 – 11 am
Summerparty with wine tasting and music
Exhebition: Christine Pahl and Helga Graf
Music: Günter Schiller

Opening and reading – 7 pm
Jürgen Bley/painter and Jürgen Trink/author

Stroll in the moonlight

Hilde Schmied/paintings und Renate Erlacher/jewlery

International Gmundner pottery market
Artists of ceramics exhibit

28.08.- 25.09.2023
Brigitte Stritezky/paintings

Open studio Helga Graf und Christine Pahl

18.11.2023 – 7 pm
Solo concert Siegfried Steinkogler/guitar
Pieces from Heitor Villa-Lobos, Ernst Ludwig Leitner and additional contemporary Composers from Austria

Advent in the ATELIER AM MARKT

30.11.2023 – 7 pm
Reading and music around „Silent Night“
Erich J. Langwiesner/author and Siegfried Steinkogler/composer

Christmas exhibition of members of the association and presentation of local cribs