Art enriches

Renting culture – a trend

  • You newly design your office, or your apartment and you want to create for yourself, your friends, patients or partners a pleasant environment?
  • Even with a low budget you transfer your empty walls into a small exhibition of art.
  • Rent ART – the ideal solution, if you don’t want to decide or keep the investment low.
  • When renting paintings, you can change the design of your rooms again and again and provide a special style by such originals.
  • If you fall in love with a painting, you can test it at the desired spot for some time and therefore ensure, that you still like it even after months. If you afterwards decide to buy the painting the already paid rental fee will be counted.

How does it work?

Search on my homepage for one or more paintings and look at the original at my studio.

The minimum period for renting a painting is three months.Beyond that an individual agreement on the duration of the rental is possible for sure.

The rental fee depends on the size of the painting, the amount chosen and starts at 60 € for three months for a painting of the size up to 80 x 80 cm. Alternatively 230 € for four paintings of this size.

When the renting period is over the painting will be either returned, the contract extended or the option for buying will be used.